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    Sunshine Guojian Awarded the 2019 Grade A Quality Credit Unit among Shanghai Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Enterprises


    Recently, Sunshine Guojian Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Sunshine Guojian”) was awarded the Grade A Quality Credit Unit in the 2019 quality credit rating assessment of Shanghai pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises after a series of strict and comprehensive reviews and assessments.

    During the assessment, Shanghai Municipal Medical Products Administration and Shanghai Association for Quality of Pharmaceuticals coordinated with third-party credit rating companies to conduct overall  assessment of drug manufacturers with regard to product quality and safety, compliance of the production quality assurance system and the anti-risk capability of the pharmaceutical production quality system, with a focus on the quality and safety of drugs. The assessment results were divided into four grades, from high to low, A, B, C and D. After a series of strict data review and evaluation, Sunshine Guojian finally stood out from the 151 participating enterprises with a comprehensive score of 92.39 points (full score: 105 points), and was ranked among the 33 Grade A quality credit enterprises.

    The quality credit rating assessment of pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises is aimed at providing professional results on the credit ratings of drug manufacturers for the reference of the government and society. It will assist the government to support the best and eliminate the worst, deepen reform of drug regulation, while promoting targeted and selective inspections, precise supervision and precise law enforcement by regulators.

    The Grade A evaluation represents full recognition by the regulatory department in the Shanghai government and the industry association on Sunshine Guojian’s corporate philosophy of strictly controlling drug quality and operating in good faith. It is also the incentive and praise for Sunshine Guojian to keep pace with the implementation of GMP regulations, continuously improve the company’s quality management system and ensure the quality and safety of drugs. This has a far-reaching positive impact on consolidating the industry reputation and public awareness of Sunshine Guojian, helping the company gain more market opportunities.

    Media contact

    Ren Yuanyuan