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    YISAIPU Wins at the 1st Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award


    Recently, YISAIPU, the proprietary product of Sunshine Guojian Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sunshine Guojian), an affiliate with 3SBio Group, has stood out among a group of excellent enterprises in various industries and won the third prize for patented trademark at the 1st Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award after five rounds of reviews that lasted nearly four months.

    As the first fully human antibody drug approved in China and the first tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) inhibitor marketed in the rheumatism field in China, YISAIPU has ended the era when there was no China-made fully human therapeutic antibody drug. Over the 15 years since its launch, it has benefited hundreds and thousands of patients in China and abroad, and has been the market leader of macromolecular drugs for autoimmune diseases in China.

    With its breakthrough achievements in the field of independent innovation of genetic engineering drugs in China and excellent market performance, YISAIPU has received wide recognition and praise from industry institutions and the government, and won a series of important qualifications and honors such as National Key New Product, Key New Product in Shanghai, Product upon Independent Innovation in Shanghai, Famous-brand Product in Shanghai, Famous Trademark in Shanghai, and Famous and Excellent Product in Pharmaceutical Industry of Shanghai.

    At the 1st Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award, YISAIPU, as one of the only eight winning trademarks, stood out from dozens of corporate invention patents. It once again demonstrated the official endorsement of YISAIPU as a well-known trademark in the biopharmaceutical field in China, thus highly affirming 3SBio Group for its innovation and protection of independent intellectual property.

    As a key move to support the construction of an intellectual property hub in the Asia-Pacific region and a science and technology innovation center, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, together with Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, launched the selection of the 1st Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award in May 2019. After a series of rigorous procedures including recommendation by district-level intellectual property offices, material submission, nomination by experts, centralized review, deliberation by the leading group for selection, and online publicity, a total of 45 invention patents/trademarks from 55 enterprises were selected and awarded respectively, with prizes for patented trademarks, utility model patents, and design patents.

    The prizes of Shanghai Intellectual Property Innovation Award were jointly granted by Shanghai and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the first time. It is designed to commend and reward the innovative entities in the city which have made outstanding achievements in the creation, protection, and application of intellectual property, and provide a strong support for creating a good business and innovation environment to foster high-quality development.

    Media contact

    Ren Yuanyuan